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GREECE is known for its plethora of ancient ruins, whitewashed buildings, sunny beaches, tasty cuisine and friendly atmosphere. It is made up of mountainous mainland and a number of islands where you can find stunning landscapes, historic sites, nightlife and lip-smacking cuisines. The ‘Greek Legacy’ tour package will bring you face to face with the ancient monuments of Athens and Mykonos and museums & beaches at Santorini. So take break of 7 days and spend luxurious time here .

6 nights



Min 15 working days

Planning your trip to Greece

Greece hosts a long list of airports but the Athens International Airport is the primary airport of Greece that is well connected to most international airports in India. Emirates, Gulf Air, Qutar Airways and Etihad Airways are few of the major airlines that fly regularly to Greece. Best rates for this route is usually available when you book 6-7 months prior.

Delhi 14h, 1 stop Rs. 26,000
Mumbai 17h, 1 stop Rs. 28,000
Chennai 14h, 1 stop Rs. 28,000
Bangalore 14h, 1 stop Rs. 35,000
Kochi 17h, 1 stop Rs. 29,000
Hyderabad 25h, 1 stop Rs. 32,000
Kolkata 14h, 1 stop Rs. 35,000

Getting around Greece

Taxi & Airport transfer

The fare from the airport to the city is fixed and includes all costs and taxes. You will be charged 3100 from 5AM till midnight and 4050 between 12AM and 5AM. Keep in mind that the driver might try to overcharge you, so be informed about the rates and make sure he turns the meter on.Getting a taxi from Athens airport to the city is a pretty sorted task and so is the fair break up. There will be a line of yellow-coloured taxis right outside the arrival hall, wait in the queue and when your turn comes, the police personnel will signal you.

Public Transport

KTEL (Koino Tamio Eis Praxeon Leoforion) are blue/orange/teal-green painted, long-distances busses that run in almost every urban city and are modern and comfortable. The busses in villages are unfortunately older and less comfortable, these buses run on a daily schedule and stop mostly outside coffe houses. Also, the busses in rural areas do not facilitate sign boards or timetables in English, it's best to head to the nearest station and enquire in person. Remember to checkn your seat number which is noted on the bus ticket and labeled on the back of the seats.Most cities in Greece are small enough to be explored by foot. The only cities you'll require public transport at are Athens, Patra, Kalamata and Thessaloniki of which only Athens is large enough to have an underground metro network.

Driving & Car rental

Most cities in Greece are not that large and do not require car rentals. If you want to drive your way between two cities, there are various car rental service providers, some of the popular ones being Alamo, Budget and others depending on which website you are booking from. A car rental will cost you anywhere between 4000-8000 INR/Day and note that the price of fuel in Greece is on the higher side. Make sure to abide by the road rules and other safety measures applicable to Greece.

Transport & city passes

Greece offers a special 3 day (72 hrs) 'visitors' pass with unlimited travel all around the city and trips to the airport too, it costs 1220 INR.In Greece, Athens offers two flat fare passes, one for travel within the city, which includes downtown and suburbs, and is not valid on any long distance buses/Orange/KTEL/E22/Airports. The second flat fare pass is for long distance travel from the airport to out of the city limit. These passes prove to be very economical as compared to cost of renting a car or buying single trip paper tickets.